Premier Carp Fishing in France

Chef De Ville is a beautiful and picturesque lake which is best suited to the more confident and thinking angler, the rewards are great and being successful on this water will give you a lot of satisfaction. Chef de Ville provides carp fishing at its purest, if you’re up for a challenge, want to improve your angling skills and be in with the chance of catching some of the best looking carp in France then Chef is for you!

The lake is 27 acres and is situated in the Marne Valley, this stunning lake sits right on the banks of the River Marne. Although fairly weedy at certain times of the year, areas to fish to are numerous with plenty of clear areas and feeding spots on the far and nearside margins and also on the bars running through the lake. There will also be swims available to fish on the Marne River behind Chef de Ville for those wanting a chance to catch some other species which inhabit this awesome River, the action can be brisk on the Marne River which is full of Chub, Barbel and Catfish, the Marne is also home to some of the best river carp fishing in France and the river record is over 80lbs!

Chef De Ville provides amazing French Carp Fishing

Fishing on Chef is in most circumstances only from one bank (river side) however, this perfectly suits the shape of the lake which is 900 yards long and 160 yards wide down to 30 yards wide, depths vary from 20 feet down to 4 feet with many underwater features such as bars, silt beds, sand and gravel areas. The far bank which is lined with overhanging trees is an obvious feature, in fact the whole lake is surrounded by wooded areas, fishing on Chef de Ville is like being on a beautiful old English estate lake, the only difference being Chef has some of the most stunning Carp to 60lb! What more could one ask for…!

Rowing boats can be provided for anglers at a small charge for the week should you require them and bait boats will be allowed making easy access to the far margins, the far bank can be stalked but this must NOT interfere with other anglers on the main bank, access to this bank is strictly forbidden to any vehicles.

Chef de Ville will be run as a drive and survive venue with a food package available should you require it. Particle and our Chef Specials freezer bait range will be available on site if required as well as toilet and shower facilities. A full-time bailiff will be on hand to assist and guide you throughout your stay with us at Chef de Ville.