1. RODS - Maximum of 3 rods allowed per angler. THEY MUST NOT BE LEFT UNATTENDED AT ANY TIME.

2. RIGS AND HOOKS - Please use fish friendly rigs only – No fixed lead, tether or bent hook rigs are allowed. Rigs must allow fish to free themselves in the event of breakage. Barbed hooks ONLY. We stipulate that the lead should release itself from the lead clip on the take. Rig Marole Lead Clips ONLY, Available to purchase on site.

3. LINE - Minimum of 15lb breaking strain or 0.35mm. Braided main lines and lead core not to be used.


5. LANDING NETS ARE PROVIDED ON SITE,  Retaining slings to be used to support the fish when removing them from the lake and returning them back into the lake.

6. FISH WELFARE – Antiseptic MUST be used on all hook holes and any other visible injuries. Any damaged fish must be reported to the fishery manager immediately.

7. SACKING OF FISH – Fish sacking is strictly forbidden at all times. Anglers may keep fish in a landing net or a floatation sling in the water for a short time where assistance is required for taking photographs. Any fish weighing 30lb or over MUST be reported to the fishery manager immediately.

8. BAIT BOATS - You may use bait boats providing they are used sensibly and with regard to other anglers on the lake.

9. FIRES/BBQs - BBQ’s are allowed providing you keep them off the ground and you ensure no hot ashes are placed in the bins, wait for them to cool and dispose appropriately.  Gas or petrol stove are OK but must be used responsibly.

10. RUBBISH - Bins are provided for your rubbish. NO RUBBISH TO BE LEFT AROUND THE LAKESIDE

11. ON SITE FACILITIES – Toilets and showers must be left clean. DO NOT use the banks or swims as toilets.

12. RADIOS – These are allowed but please be mindful of other anglers around the lake.

13. FISH / WILDLIFE – Any behaviour deemed inappropriate or any damage or interference with the fish/wildlife or the surrounding area will NOT be tolerated and you will be asked to leave immediately.

14. BAIT - Particle baits may be used but MUST be purchased onsite, this is to ensure they are prepared correctly and are safe to our fish. Please do not bring your own as you will NOT be allowed to use them. Any angler found to be using particles not purchased and cooked at the fishery will be asked to leave immediately without refund.

15. GUESTS – Anglers may be accompanied by a non-fishing guest (see prices for cost of guest). If any non-fishing guest breaks the no fishing rule, we reserve the right to terminate the angler and the guest’s stay at our fishery immediately.

16. CHILDREN - We do not consider the fishery suitable for children under 15 years of age. All children between the ages of 15 and 18 years must be accompanied by an adult.

17. ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURES - Please do not arrive at the fishery before 10am unless prior arrangement has been made with the fishery management. The draw for swims will be made at 12 noon Saturday, with fishing to commence at 12.30pm. Fishing to close 10.00am each Saturday. Persons whom have prebooked swims may setup in their chosen swim and wont be included within the draw.

18. GENERAL – Other common sense rules and regulations will be advised on your arrival at the lake.

19. BOATSLife jackets MUST be worn at ALL times,we do have some on site if you require them. Boats MUST NOT be used at night, if you require assistance then please contact the fishery Baliff. Any angler found to be breaking this rule will be asked to leave the fishery immediately without refund, the bailiff’s decision is final.

A copy of these fishery rules will be displayed around the complex, please ensure you have read the fishery rules prior to your trip to Chef de Ville Carp Fishery, any angler found to be breaking the rules will result in their ejection from the fishery, the bailiff’s decision is final.


Thank you.